How to Draw with Simsqu - Official Tutorial Page

Let's start!

Choose a square for drawing-->tap on one of the six icons

We can draw symmetric  squares with that button (see above).

1 tap on the button- vertical mirroring

2 taps on the button- horizontal mirroring

3 taps on the button- vertical and horizontal mirroring at the same time.

 Here you can see the vertical mirroring:

- 1. first tap on the mirroring button once

- 2. and than tap one of the squares 

Now we can draw a symmetrical heart easily,  moving from the middle to the edges.

We can choose an another square to colouring the heart inside.

Double tap on any square-->you can edit the choosed square (more informations below)

Every drawing squares are mixed of one or two squares.

You can manage it at the window above. You can see the basis squares on the right and left side of the window, and above them at the middle, find the appearance of your square.

Every squares has an identification number (now "13 and "6"), which helps you to find them next time.

You can change the squares with the arrows (upper right corner). First tap on the square which you want to change and than tap on one of the arrows. Above the arrows you can see a number (now "10"). This means the steps between the squares. You can change the steps size from 1 to 10 or 25, for bigger step, please tap on the number. 

1. Tap on the colouring icon.

2. Choose the secondary square at the left side. You can see a yellow frame around the square if choosed. 

3. You can change the colour of the secondary square here.

1. Tap on the primary square at the right side. The primary square is always visible, it situated thereon the secondary square.

2. Choose a colour.


1. Choose the background colouring icon.

2. Tap 3 times on the up arrow.

3. Choose the second colour here. 

4. Change the colour here.


1. We can also change the colour of the user interface with this button.

2. You can choose your favourite!


1. Tap on the scaling icon.

2. Change the square's width to 0,5. /The square's width and height are scalabe from 0,2 to 1,5/


1. Tap on the rotate icon.

2. Choose the secondary square.

3. Rotate it to 45 ° with the "+" icon.



1. Tap on the opacity icon.

2. Choose the primary icon.

3. Change the square's opacity to 0,5.


After we have done with the settings, tap this button to finish.


It's time to save our settings :)

1. Open the menu.

2. Tap on the floppy to save.



1. Open the background squares. This squares will be located behing the main squares.

2. Wi will see the main squares faintly, so we can easily draw the heart shape again.


1. Tap here to change the layers.

2. Tap on the menu button and after that the move tool.

3. Move our heart with the arrows, let it see the another heart!

4. Change the layers to move the another heart.

Save it again!

After save, go to the main menu!

1. Tap to the home button.

2. Tap on the "Y" (=YES) button. (If you don't want to quit, just tap the home button again.)

Tap once to your drawing for other options (see below)

Double tap on the drawing to open it.

1. Share it! (Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, etc...)

2. Quick view.

3. Delete picture.

All right! You are ready to draw something incrediable awesome picture!


We are really happy if you upload your drawings our facebook site! 

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